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Little Big Songs help young children with listening skills, social awareness and pre-reading experiences

Little Big Songs: infinitely adaptable to
Nursery and Early Years education.

Little Big Songs help children develop the listening skills that are an essential foundation for language development and first steps in reading. And because Little Big Songs are grounded in everyday reality seen from a child’s point of view, the stories they tell also help young children to develop empathy, understanding and social awareness.


The songs can be used in a variety of Nursery and Early Years projects, for example:
What’s the Time, Mr Wolf? – awareness of time, from understanding the sequence of daily events to first steps in telling the time.
Pipes and Taps – understanding where water comes from, the uses we put it to and how we’d be sunk without it.
River, Sea, Clouds and Rain (available soon) – the water cycle
The Smallest Christmas Tree – festivals; connections with the natural world of the forest
Ladybird, Ladybird – enjoying the natural world, the beauty of insects
In the Family – extended family relationships; social identity
Scrub-a-Dub – caring for self and others


Little Big Songs and AL English

Rhythm and repetition are vital in language learning, whether of first or additional language. So songs are especially useful: they allow the child to absorb word sounds, vocabulary, expressions and grammar in a natural, spontaneous way with little or no conscious effort. Little Big Songs can help any child learning English as a second language, partly through their rhythm and repetition and also because they’re about things that interest young children.

A fascinating study published by the University of Edinburgh in 2010, called Songs and Singing in Foreign Language Learning, can be found at