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Little Big Songs is an absolute treat. My daughter (Delphine, two-and-a-half, pictured above) loves all the songs and is already singing along to the CD. Her parents can’t help themselves too as it’s the one album of children’s songs we love to listen to over and over again!
Owen, Edinburgh
Ali’s little one Kate is demanding to hear Little Big Songs every day, at least once. It’s lovely to see her reaction. She knows many of the words and dances around when it’s playing.
Jill and Brian, Gwehelog, Wales
Reminded me of children’s TV from the early 1980s, when my own children were young. Ideal for my grandson, who will grow up bi-lingual with English as his second language. As an EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher I can see the CD being useful for structured listening and discussion: clear diction, beautiful illustrations and a good range of subject matter.
Jenny, Norwich

Little Big Songs has had some five-star reviews.

“The songs are great, really enjoyable and make you want to listen to the next song… though we got stuck on What’s The Time Mister Wolf: the wolf made them laugh every time. The CD ends with Goodnight, Mr Moon, a lovely song to end with. I cant wait to put this in the car, it will be a welcome change to what we usually listen to.”

From Mummy Fever (
“This is different and very welcome. The songs are delightful. They are catchy but not in an annoying way and this is the perfect CD to have in the car. We love the fact their are children’s voices on the CD. We can’t wait to see what comes next from Little Big Songs as this is an absolute winner!”

“Little Big Songs is in fact slightly more mature that the usual CDs. As a parent, what I like about Big Little Songs is that it’s true to life.”

It’s in rotation every time we’re in the car. And Goodnight, Mr Moon has been added to the bedtime routine
Ben, London
It’s one of the few ‘childrens’ song  CDs I could happily listen to. We put it on this evening as we were having  tea, and when I showed the girls (Flo aged nine, Eliza, seven and Dora, five) the little book with the words they were totally into it. They played it through  three times, so each could  sing their favourite song on their own. It’s a  hit!
Stephanie, E. Yorks